Do It Your Self Digital Digicam Repair: 09 06

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For all others, safe block Oh No! Your favourite compact flash camera hastily has started giving you CF memory card errors. You've got tried several completely different memory playing cards, and it's still the same factor. Your digicam is inoperative as a result of this error. Don't fret, you simply is likely to be ready to fix this drawback yourself. Take a look inside your digital camera's CF card slot. It is very seemingly that you may have a bent pin in there. If so, remove batteries and card. Use a small/skinny jeweler's flat screwdriver to bend the pin back as shut as potential. The jeweler's screwdrivers that you see on the greenback store will work nice. One other device that I sometimes use is a stiff wire with a bent hook on the tip to get very flattened pins started. Take your time and use as a lot patience as you'll be able to muster (take a breather in between if needed). Just keep nudging it upward/straighter a "tiny bit at a time". Whatever you do, don't try to unbend it with one push/nudge, you won't be capable to do it. It does not must be excellent, simply as shut as you may get it. When it is the perfect that you can get it, take your flash card and "SLOWLY" insert it. The card itself should superb-align the pin. Take away the card, and verify that the pin remains to be straightened. If so, reinsert the card and take a look at it out.