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B-Charge is a term that was developed in the 1800’s when firms on the East Coast who had been transporting payrolls out west determined to maneuver from picket to steel bins. This was carried out as insurance coverage companies who had been overlaying the payrolls decided it was time for a change as trains and stage coaches had been recurrently being held up. Within the 1920’s, when Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) came into being, it was determined they could not govern these safes because the market had change into flooded with "B-Rate" safes that were poorly constructed. Basically, anyone who slapped some steel together in the shape of a field could name it a "B-Rate" secure. At present there is still no governing body to regulate what's or is not a B-rate safe. B-Price safes generally include 1/4″ steel walls and 1/2″ steel doors. Most "B-Rate" safes found available on the market as we speak are slightly under these dimensions. Hollon Protected nevertheless, is proud to supply TRUE B-Rate depositories to our clients.

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